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AccounTax Zone > Blog > General > Things To Consider When Choosing An Accounting Firm In London
  • Posted by: AccounTax Zone
accounting firm in london

Whether you’re a business owner looking to keep track of your company’s finances and annual accounts or a client in need of services to manage your finances, knowing what to consider before becoming a client of an accounting firm in London is a must.

Choosing an accounting firm is no easy task. You must consider fees, experience, mission, services, and an array of options for you to analyse.

Experience, Quality, and Costs

Be critical. You want a firm with the experience to handle your account carefully. For this, you need experts, people knowledgeable and trustworthy that you are comfortable disclosing your financial matters.

Take into account the firm’s partners, whether they’re accredited and what type of accounting software they use. Also, look into their pricing plans and their commitment to affordable costs or if the firm includes hidden fees. Finally, you’ll want to ensure the firm doesn’t charge you any surprise bill not detailed on their website. Although most firms pride themselves on being transparent, it never hurts to ask and double-check.


Spend some time learning about the firm’s team of professionals. How dedicated and skilled are the accountants in that firm? Can you find any reviews about their customer service and how willing are they to attend to your financial needs? An accountant firm that delivers excellent results demonstrates a commitment that may work exclusively on your account.


Take a good look at the accounting firm’s website and identify the services they provide. Keep in mind your needs and compare those to the services they offer. There may be services the firm provides that will be better for you to consider. Therefore, read through their descriptions and determine which better serve your purpose. You might be surprised to find a multitude of services catered to individuals, businesses, partnerships, and companies.

A few services might include:

  • Accounting Software and Cloud Accounting
  • Accounts Preparation
  • Bookkeeping and Bookkeeping Healthcheck
  • Budgeting and Planning
  • Business Consulting
  • Company Formation and Company Secretarial
  • Management Accounts
  • Payroll, Pension, and CIS Services
  • Taxation
  • VAT Returns

Some firms, like AccounTax Zone, even offer a free initial consultation.


Every accounting firm notes a set of goals, or mission, if you will, for their team. For example, certain accounting firms allocate more efforts towards companies or large businesses. Others focus their services on individualised plans for small businesses or self-employed people. If the firm’s primary purpose is to create financial solutions for businesses, make sure those are your concerns.

Nevertheless, some firms remain flexible and are more than willing to take various clients.

So get in touch with the accounting firm to learn more about what they can offer.