Things are much easier than you think! Here is a comprehensive resource for you! Use tax calculators, tax rates and deadlines, business factsheets, stay updated with the latest news, and more.

Accounting can be a real nightmare for many entrepreneurs due to lack of resources, time or skills. Hence, the new digital tools are saving more than one of continuous headaches caused by keeping accounts of your business. Invoices, expense control or taxes will no longer be a problem if you start using any of these accounting applications.

Set up automatic financing of companies at your own expense. Manage liquidity and establish control over subsidiaries and affiliates.

Operational control by the parent company of all payment orders generated by the controlled companies. Optimize for payment diversity and get enhanced payer identification options.

Automatic control of all outgoing payments according to the specified parameters. You can transfer of funds from your account without processing and submitting payment documents to the Bank.

All companies, regardless of their size, will obtain information on their performance to see if they have achieved positive results. The accounting/tools are important to know if they have obtained profits or if, on the contrary, they have suffered losses as a result of their operation in a certain period.

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