Taxation Services

Taxation Services

AccounTax Zone provides an array of tax services that cater to the diverse needs of individuals and businesses alike

Taxation is a complex area that demands a lot of attention and expertise. Our team of tax specialists possesses in-depth knowledge of taxation laws and regulations. We assess your tax liabilities to devise the best possible strategy for your business.

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Property Taxes

Property taxes can be complex, and it is essential to ensure that you comply with the tax laws. Whether you are a property investor, landlord, or developer, it is essential to manage your property taxes effectively to ensure that you comply with HMRC regulations and maximize your profits. Our team of experienced accountants understands the complexities of property taxes and will work with you to ensure that you are compliant with all tax laws. We provide expert tax planning advice to help you minimize your tax liability and maximize your profits. This can include strategies such as capital allowances, property ownership structures, and property-related reliefs.

Venture Capital Investments Schemes (SEIS, EIS, and SITR)

Venture Capital Investments Schemes (SEIS, EIS, and SITR) are designed to encourage investment in small and growing businesses. These schemes can provide a valuable source of investment from private investors who are looking to support new and growing businesses.These schemes also provide a range of tax reliefs to investors.  At AccounTax Zone, we provide expert advice on SEIS, EIS, and SITR, helping you to maximize your returns while complying with the tax laws.

Capital Gains Tax

Capital gain tax is a tax on the profit or gain made when you sell or dispose of an asset that has increased in value. This tax applies to a wide range of assets, including property, stocks and shares, and business assets. Calculating the capital gain tax can be a complex process that requires a thorough understanding of the tax laws and regulations, as well as the ability to accurately assess the value of your assets.

At AccounTax Zone, we offer a range of capital gain tax services to help you minimize your tax liability and maximize your returns.

R&D Taxes

If your business is engaged in R&D activities, you may be eligible for R&D tax relief. This tax relief is designed to encourage innovation and investment in R&D by allowing businesses to claim a deduction on their corporation tax.

Our team of specialists can help you determine whether you are eligible for R&D tax relief, and will prepare your R&D tax relief claim, ensuring that it is accurate and compliant with HMRC regulations. We will work with you to understand your unique circumstances and tailor our services to meet your needs, ensuring that you receive the maximum tax relief possible.

Tax disputes

We understand that dealing with tax disputes can be a daunting and stressful experience for individuals and businesses alike. At AccounTax Zone, we can help you manage tax disputes and resolve them in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our experienced tax professionals can assist you in all areas of tax disputes, including tax investigations, tax inquiries, VAT disputes, and more. We work closely with you to understand your situation and provide you with the best possible advice and representation to achieve the best outcome for your business.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance Tax (IHT) is a tax levied on the estate of a deceased person in the UK. It is payable on the value of the estate that exceeds a certain threshold, known as the nil-rate band. The current nil-rate band is £325,000, meaning that any value over this amount is subject to IHT at a rate of 40%.

With our Inheritance Tax Planning services, we can help you to minimize the amount of IHT payable on your estate, ensuring that your loved ones receive as much of your assets as possible. Our experienced team of accountants and tax advisors will work with you to create a tailored plan that takes into account your individual circumstances and goals.

Our Inheritance Tax Planning services include; Estate Planning, advice on the use of trusts to protect your assets and reduce you IHT liability, advice on the tax implications of making gifts during your life time, will writing help etc.

AccounTax Zone provides a wide range of taxation services that can help businesses and individuals to manage their tax liabilities and follow taxation laws and regulations. Our team of experienced chartered accountants and tax professionals can provide you with the expert advice and support you need to achieve your goals and protect your assets.

Whether you need assistance with personal taxation, corporate taxation, tax disputes, inheritance tax planning, trusts, and tax planning, or corporate re-organisations and reconstructions, we are here to help. Book a Discovery Call today to learn more about our taxation services and how we can assist you.

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